About Us

A strong foundation leads to strong development

Iyrix was first founded in 2011 as an outsourcing company regarding software development. Soon Iyrix adopted an offshore services method to provide our clients with better and professional solutions. Being in the industry for over 10 years now we have a highly developed experience and a diligent team working tirelessly in the field to effectively deliver solutions and services to our clients.

Company Aims

Our Aims

Iyrix aims to deliver top notch and reliable IT support and solutions along with a highly capable outsourced team.

Iyrix Technologies Trustworthy Company

Iyrix the Most Trusted Software Development Company

With its elite experience and a hawk eye on technology Iyrix has proven to be one of the most trusted companies when it comes to software development. Our team is most known for being quick witted and sorted at all times. This not only helps us to provide the best but also helps our clients trust us with their ideas.

Iyrix Technologies Trustworthy Company
Iyrix Technologies Remote Developers

Remote Developers

Iyrix provides virtual employees to reduce your effort and save time. We take over all the headache and provide you with the best. At Iyrix we have development professionals which fit any category. We list down candidates having the requirements you require. Upon listing the most dedicated and qualified employee is hired for you. This saves our clients time and effort in finding the perfect candidate for the job.

Our Expertise

We have gained expertise in the fields that we provide services in, especially in cyber security, infrastructure and most of all providing you with the best IT team required as per demand. We tend to build a strong team to give a strong foundation to our clients as client satisfaction is our top priority. We also have expertise in front and back end designing, content management and mobility.

Our Services

Iyrix provides a comprehensive set of IT services. With eligible developers possessing a critical and advanced approach, we deliver products which are to the level of perfection.


Website Design

Highly interactive, detailed and user friendly websites followed by universal responsiveness.


Mobile App

We develop Android and IOS mobile apps which follow great visual, easy use ability and responsiveness.


Web Programming

Our team specializes from simplest to complex web languages in order to deliver the best.


E-Commerce Store

Our graphic designers sketch out the best virtual store to carry your business online that attracts customers rapidly.


Data Analytics / Visualization

Team Iyrix has a keen mind when it comes to formulating information into meaningful data. We develop accurate ways to avoid any ambiguity.


SEO and Online Marketing

Iyrix increase the visibility of your website and traffic by providing amazing promotional strategies for your product.


DevOps Services

Reducing software development time and continuously providing high quality software to help you achieve the perfect software within time and budget.


Dedicated Team

We outsource the best development team. Experienced and intelligent developers from the globe working for you to provide you with excellence.


Big Data

We provide vigorous solutions to analyze, store and process large amounts of data for your daily day to day business.