Why Iyrix?

Following our vision, we grab the trust of our clients almost instantly and follow as promised. Teaming up with Iyrix comes with perks which are hard to let go.


This means we can receive informational and technical support from Microsoft, software licenses on preferential terms, and training for our developers.

Dedicated Developers

Forming a team which is useful, efficient and according to standard can be difficult and time consuming. That is why Iyrix helps their clients by providing the most efficient team as per client demand.


Being in the industry for 10 years now Iyrix has gained drastic experience in all fields of web development and has developed a great eye for talent.


For a flat monthly fee, we take care of payroll, taxes, office management, HR, and retention. That means no back-office hassle.

Simple Recruitment

As Iyrix provides the perfect team, we also decrease or decrease the size of your perfect team on one months prior notice.

No Third Party Interference

Unlike many other establishments, Iyrix does not involve third party interference. All control is given directly to the clients.