Front-End Development by our Developers

Hire the top front-end developers from around the world. Our frontend developers create SEO friendly and perfectly professional frontend development for your website. We have years of experience and use our skills in CSS, HTML, JS, Angular, React and VUE to give you the best. Our developers are also experienced in front-end and Javascript frameworks.

At Iyrix we understand the true nature of the project under development and utilize our skills accordingly. By hiring your front-end developer from Iyrix, means that you do not have to worry about the outlook as we have the best.

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Front-End Services

We offer a wide range of front-end development services.



Our developers are skilled in HTML, HTML5 and aware of modern day CSS frameworks and technologies such as Bootstrap, SASS and many more.


JS Frontend Frameworks

Our Frontend developers are skilled and experienced in AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, ReactJS and other JS frameworks which can speed up development resulting in saving time and cost.



To get simply coded projects saving memory size with smooth CSS animation our developers have gained a deep insight on JQuery for the simplification of projects.


Command Line

Our HTML CSS developers can think beyond an all-purpose GUI and open a terminal to enter typed commands, if need be, getting the desired results.


Frontend Testing and Debugging

One of the crucial steps in any software development life cycle is testing and debugging the project. We have QA officers on standby and keen qualified testers who make sure that the end product is bug free and upto quality.



Javascript is an elite skill that when used right can do wonders. At Iyrix, the developers have this skill on their fingertips.


Git & Version Control Systems

Hire a front end programmer who can keep track of the changes made to client site’s code and can revert back to an earlier version in a jiffy.


CSS Preprocessors

Hire front end developer with (SASS and LESS preprocessors expertise) for cross-browser friendly CSS and features like mixins and nesting.