What is Energy & Utilities ?

lyrix Energy and Utilities Services provide platform based solutions to modernise and streamline business processes. Cutting edge technology, smart grids and radical change in business models are creating new challenges for businesses. To stay on top of competitive edge industries needs to speed on and discover new solutions that can streamline operations and management of different functions across the organisation.Advanced technologies along with new methods of power generation have reinvented the energy and utilities markets. Iyrix is helping the industry benefit to take advantage of technology. We work closely with you to design, build and run the infrastructure systems and solutions you rely on to manage and reinvent your business.

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Technology has been increasingly adopted by all major industry sectors over the last several years and the energy industry is no exception. Tech innovation is no longer associated only with replacement of paperwork with automated electronic systems. The next step is reinvention of the ways that energy and utilities companies do business, engage their customers and interact with them. And let us not forget about Energy 4.0, a buzzword used to denote the digital revolution in this industry.