IoT Solutions

IOT stands for Internet of Things refers to the network of interconnected physical devices and mechanical objects that are embedded with network connectivity, sensors and software which allow them to collect and exchange data. IOT is legitimate to create opportunities for more direct integration of physical devices with computing systems, allowing objects to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. These devices basically require an IOT mobile application and integration to connect and communicate with other devices, which essentially acts as a data interface. Smart home technology is already making its mark, but smart cities and smart businesses are also on the rise.

Our Services

IOT software development is not enough to produce successful products. Iyrix is able to design the right product without costly mistakes that affect the market readiness, profitability, and reputation. Adding our IoT systems integrator engineers is key to your success. Iyrix, with its smart, cost-effective, and adaptable IoT technology services will help you to increase connectivity and improve work efficiency. We assist augment automation by building comprehensive IoT solutions that will eliminate errors, automate processes, speed-up small and big data transfer, and maintain a smooth workflow across your company.



Iyrix offers clients with consulting services. We want to help in showing our customers by showing how they can interconnect devices i.e.



Iyrix promises to integrate cloud applications seamlessly. As companies leverage SaaS solutions and start moving application workloads to public cloud, the need for integration grows.



By using Iyrix IOT services, all of the applications will be interconnected. We call them “smart apps'', which are eventually seen as the future of managing devices on a large scale.