Defense| Aerospace Industries

The industry is in need of innovation and to reach the goals of a next-generation enterprise they will need to take advantage of the key tenets that have been enabled through the democratisation of technology. Iyrix can leverage those tenets to help A&D companies generate exponential changes to enterprise business systems through Human centred design led platform solutions that eliminate waste through Autonomic (AI & Analytics), drive rapid change with DevOps, innovation through the ecosystem and generate new business models through IoT. We’re working side-by-side with customers to unleash the exciting possibilities we see, With a comprehensive portfolio, extensive capabilities and broad expertise, we’re crafting intelligent solutions to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market all representing the best in innovation and technology for the industries we serve.

Our Services

Iyrix acquisition of AXON combined the best of AXON’s strong business consulting and implementation capabilities and Iyrix global delivery-based application management capabilities. Our company provides comprehensive technology solutions and services to the aerospace industry.We have been associated with leading aerospace companies for design and development of next generation Aircraft, Helicopters, Satellites, Launch vehicles and Unmanned aircraft. We have extensive experience in design and analysis of aerospace components on sub-system and system level. We undertake turnkey solutions for the major aerospace clients. Our valued customers have derived immense benefit from our services.